The Seasonal Takeover : Winters are here, Finally!

I’ve never quite liked the summer season. The sun burns too hot and too bright. I’m sweaty and sweltering most of the time, and even the breeze breathes fire. 😥


My soul finds solace in winter, when the sun calms down, the chilly wind makes your cheeks blush and there is amazing, warm and high calorie food all around, food that warms you up from the inside and provides respite from the harsh winter and the harsh world. 😎

To keep yourself healthy and food-happy this winter, try to incorporate some of the following delicacies in your diet.


There’s nothing more fulfilling than a hot and spicy Manchow Soup to warm up your throat and your stomach on a wintry evening. This Chinese mixed vegetable soup provides nourishment to your body and satisfaction to your taste buds.


Roasted Sweet Potato can be found at almost every corner during the winter season at affordable prices. This delectable dish is full of vitamins (high in Vitamin B, C and D) and minerals (iron, magnesium and potassium) which help in boosting the immunity system and fighting off cold and the flu. If you’re not a fan of roasted sweet potatoes, you can try to steam them, bake them, grill them or add them to your soups and salads.

Mutton Rogan Josh Recipe-steffis-recipes

Credits : Steffi’s Recipes

For all the non-vegetarians out there, Rogan Josh is a heaven-sent. This lamb dish slow cooked with tons of spices and dry fruits, perfectly satiates the stomach’s longing for hot and fiery food to fight off the bitter cold.


Credits : Sailu’s Food

Homemade Ladoos (my personal favourite being Besan Ladoos), loaded with desi ghee are not just full of mother’s love but they also protect you against the cold weather.


Gajar ka Halwa, cooked with copious amounts of milk, sugar and ghee along with dry fruits is a sweet memory of everyone’s childhood. Gajar ka Halwa, whether eaten hot or cold, topped with nuts, is a decadent dessert and provides your body with ample vitamins. So this winter, keep yourself healthy and your stomach happy.

Tell us about your winter addictions in the comments section below.

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