FOOD FOR THOUGHT : Brainy is the new sexy!

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Eating healthy food is important for physical as well as mental health. Whatever we eat has an effect on not just our bodies but brains too. Research states that we can maintain a healthy brain and boost our brainpower by including brain foods into our daily eating routine. Brain foods are rich in antioxidants and DHA. They boost brainpower and help protect it from diseases. Some of them are listed below:



Blueberry, also known as the ‘brainberry’ because of its high nutrition content helps protect brain as we age. It is one of the best sources of antioxidants and is rich in gallic acid which protects our brains from degeneration and stress.
You can consume blueberries raw, in the form of smoothies or as a topping on your waffle/pancake.



Broccoli is the cauliflower that went abroad for higher studies. It has a high content of Vitamin K which helps boost your memory. The presence of Vitamin C, Amino acids and Sulphur also helps detoxify blood.
You can eat boiled/steamed broccoli in the form of salad or by adding it in your pasta.


dark chocolate

Who doesn’t like to eat chocolate? It is proven that chocolate acts as a stress buster. Dark chocolate is considered better than milk and white chocolate as it contains flavonols which have antioxidants that helps in improving blood flow to brain and heart.
You can eat chocolate raw, in the form of cookies, cakes or shakes and in a millions of other forms.


The yellow part of the egg you throw away, helps trigger the hormones related to happiness. It is safe to say eating an egg can make you happy.
You can eat eggs in boiled form, Omelette form and any other form you could think of.



Remember when your mother forced you to drink Turmeric milk? She was right! Turmeric helps in regeneration of brain stem cells and boosts antioxidants. It keeps you alert and able to process information faster. Good thing, our Indian curries contain quite a good amount of it.
You can take turmeric in the form of Turmeric tea/milk or gorge any Indian curry.

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