A Plate of Noodles – The Most Convenient Staple Diet?


With the festive season around, we worry and fantasize more about the dinner than the breakfast. It seems quite apt to look at our breakfast plates, or at those warm bowls that we want just as soon as we throw away our shrouds in the morning. A cup and a half of warm water, a small pinch of masala, and then the final thing: we drop the uncooked noodle-cakes in the bowl and put it on the stove. One. Two. Three … and there you are! We then leave our stomach to itself and get on with the run for the day. Carpe diem!

But then, why to fill ourselves with something that does nothing more than pleasing our taste buds? Why not ‘bread and butter’, than fancying these Chow Chows? Does that become too Western, or out of class, or unusually unusual?

Are they actually worth it?

For people who may wish to know; noodles, that are said to have originated as a luxurious delicacy, are also rich in nutrients. However, perhaps they cannot be considered luxurious enough for anyone. The instant cuppa noodles have been known to be something. The bitter truth is that the chemicals used in packaging and the artificial flavors in the making of noodles make them unfit for women that are about to have babies. They, in a quite similar manner as cigarettes, can be detrimental to the growth and general health of the fetus, and at times, can even lead to miscarriage. When it comes to these delicious plates and bowls from China, there’s not a lot to savor all the time. The salt that is used to increase the duration of ‘good’ storage for them works in a considerably contradictory manner. An excessive intake of sodium, which we find in salt, may damage organs like the heart, liver, and kidney of the growing children.


Moreover, wax, which is used to add smooth texture, is considered bad for the human brain. And who must be missing the facts regarding ‘noodles inducing obesity’ anyway? We’ve already been familiar with the ground reality.

Well, there’s way more to it, obviously! And there’re also good facts… the pros and cons thingy! But, even for enough good reasons, shall we risk our organs with ease? Now, even if it comes to it: ‘for the sake of taste,’ you don’t have to give up noodles entirely, do you?

Only an excess is bad enough, nothing else!

And obviously, there’s much more to the Chinese Cuisine than we can even think of. You wouldn’t just want to stick to noodles, would you? Why not give up noodles for a week or a while more and explore the beauty of other delicacies too?

What’s your take on this? Let us know in the comments below.



Jayant Kashyap is a Pushcart Prize nominated poet, with poems appearing in numerous magazine all over the world, and somewhat of a foodie (so, a food blogger). His debut poetry chapbook, Survival, comes earlier in 2019 from NY-based Clare Songbirds Publishing House. He is also the co-founder and editor of literary magazine Bold + Italic.

13 thoughts on “A Plate of Noodles – The Most Convenient Staple Diet?

  1. Zahida Parween

    Usually,I never comment on blogs .This is my frst cmnt on any blog .Your article is so convincing that I cannot stop myself to leave a comment.It is very interesting stuff to read.You r doing great job man keep it up.☺☺

  2. Himadri Garg

    Very interesting to see “why” part of it , in the article. Looking forward to your article where you will mention about more Chinese cuisine beyond noodles.

    1. Jayant Kashyap Post author

      Hello Himadri!
      Thank you for your appreciation. We’re hoping to work further on varied articles. However, as it is, you could always drop in your suggestions, which we’ll surely admire!!!

  3. Surbhi Mahobia

    Well, for me it’s “bread and butter” over noodles any day! I also wonder that how a thing so disastrous to health is getting sold? I hoped for the ban on Maggi to stay in India. But, alas! Lobbying & monies tops over the wellbeing of people. I quite liked your take on this edible thing of instant hunger gratification.

    1. Jayant Kashyap Post author

      Thank you for your appreciation, Surbhi! The ban could have stayed, but either it is lobbying or else that weakened the case, that’s not for us to say. We never really know the backstory.
      However, ‘brown’ bread and ‘peanut’ butter is an easy favourite for me too.

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