Unveil the Mystery of the best Bidding Bar in Town @Agent Jack’s by Brewer Street


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Sherlock being the prime inquisitor of every investigation opened up the chest of all mysteries on the very first day of 2k17. Following his footsteps, Agent Jack came down all the way from Pune to National Capital Region with his beautiful concept of bidding and some alluring brewery. Whether you prefer to sit inside or enjoy the chilly weather with all other Cafes in the vicinity is upto you.

The brewery is what has left us all spellbound. When you book a table, just install their application which is easily available on both platforms (Android & iOS) and start bidding for your favorite piece of liquor(for you’ll be served at a price wherein it meets the bar’s expectations and obviously, where all the other bidders rest their bids to – for the same piece of liquor).

Here comes the list of signature cocktails you’ll be looking out for when you’re here:

1. Old Swag – perfect infusion of Kahlua and Bourbon along with a few smoked pellets of either apple or cherry (according to your need). As soon as the smoke fills up the glass, the mixture of Kahlua and Bourbon is poured and served.

Credits : Foodflab

2. Thai Wali Daru– Gin base cocktail which provides some refreshing taste to your taste buds and also soothes your mind. Some salt, green chilli, kafir lime leaf and orange chunks are muddled and shaken along with Gin and served in a Copper Glass.

Credits : Foodflab

Apart from Thai Wali Daru and Old Swag, we had Sweet Heart (a mixture of lime juice, mint leaf, orange chunks, passion fruit syrup and white rum) and AJ’s Special Mashup (a mixture of mint syrup, green chilli, guava and tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, mint leaf and vodka).

Our recommendation : Old Swag for all the whiskey lovers.

You need some Chakna as well when you’re at the bar.

Here comes our list of some scrumptious dishes that we had :

1. Agent Jack’s Hot Wings– stacked one over the other waiting for your forks to come out and slice them off with your teeth. Burnt BBQ Sauce adds juicy flavor to these spicy chicken wings.

Credits : Foodflab

2. Achari Paneer Tikka – A chilly winter evening is incomplete without something from the barbecue. Here comes the Achari Paneer Tikka from Jack’s Tandoor to add spice to your friendly congregation.

3. Garlic All the Way – And here comes another one from Jack’s Tandoor – Chicken Tikka with the perfect marination of garlic to please your taste buds and fill your empty stomach.

The bar manager is really very friendly and the bartenders are very courteous and look forward to provide everyone with the best they got in no time.

Credits : Foodflab

4.5 stars for Agent Jack’s for lighting up our first winter weekend of 2k17.

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