Cook at Home or Dine Out?


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Staying away from home gives you a lot of opportunities to explore new eateries and eat almost everything that your heart desires (sans your mother’s nagging about eating vegetables). Eating out with friends every weekend has become a trademark for this generation. But instead of getting carried away with this social trend, we need to realize the immense benefits offered by home cooked meals and maintain a balance between healthy home cooked food and tempting restaurant food.

According to a study by the Bloomberg School of Public Health, people who tend to eat more of home cooked meals vis-à-vis fast food, make the conscious choice of eating food with less calories, fat and sugar.


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Home cooked meals are definitely more nutritious than restaurant meals or street foods. The reason outside food is simultaneously so satiating and addictive is due to the high content of fat, salt, cholesterol and sugar in it. These foods can lead to a number of diseases if consumed on a regular basis. On the other hand, home cooked meals train your palette to get accustomed to healthier food. Also, eating home cooked meals is much more economical than eating outside. When you eat in a restaurant, you not only pay for the food but also for the service. So, save some extra money while getting the health benefits of nutritious home cooked meals.

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Home cooked meals give you complete control over the ingredients used and allow you to cook the food keeping in mind any food allergies. Also, it lets you decide your own portions and will help you overcome the habit of overeating and stick to your diet plans. Although, the most important benefit might be the quality time spent with your family, cooking food together and sharing anecdotes from your day around the dining table.
Home cooked meals lead to a healthier and happier lifestyle. So, instead of going out this weekend, invite your friends over and cook a delicious meal together.

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