Get your own Booze and make the most out of it @ Knight Rider Junction

Ensconsed amidst a beautiful valley of trees is the BYOB themed restaurant named as

“Knight Rider Junction”.

This restaurant insists you to bring your own booze from outside and have it at their place (as they don’t serve liquor).

This lovely place located in Sector 56, Gurugram has got more than enough to feed you again for the next time.
Enjoy the weather on a pleasant day in the open area (be it the ground floor or the terrace) or take your squad inside & enjoy the meal in their private rooms.

What to start your meal with has always been the real deal.

Let’s just make it simple for you by listing a few of those scrumptious dishes :

1. Jalapeno Corn Cheese Rolls : These cheese and corn filled rolls with that tangy flavor of jalapenos are a good start for your meal. Cause having spring rolls is too mainstream and so we got some cheesy rolls for you.
2. Crispy Corn Salt n Pepper : As the cattle keeps itself busy grazing in the fields, these spicy yet delicious titbits served with vegetables in profuse amounts are for you to just don’t get bored talking while waiting for something to be served on your table.

 3. Chilly Garlic Prawns : I’d say, ” I’ll just start loving prawns again for the Knight Rider Junction restored some of that love for prawns into me again.” Bring out the best & get enticed with these crispy yet succulent prawns.

 4. Mutton Seekh Kebab : Put any damn kebab on the table – be it Shami or Chicken Seekh or any other, none of them beats the juicy Mutton Seekh Kebab. The amount of oil used in the making of these kebabs is what determines the taste of these kebabs. Knight Rider Junction has got something really tempting to make it worth your while. So, keep pleasing yourself until that belly of yours doesn’t have enough room for another one to fit in.

5. Kukkad Patakha Pizza : The pizzas being the wood fired oven pizzas had a smoky flavor in it. The flavor of this pizza didn’t stir us up well as the cheese & the shredded chicken got minced together. But being topped with dried red chillies, this is a good option for spicy food lovers (if the pizza is worked upon).

6. Potato Caffeday : There are hardly any vegetarian dishes which surprise me with their taste. But this one surely did. A fine layer of mashed potatoes and filling of cheese is what this dish is all about. The cheese pull is actually something.

Knight Rider Junction also offers some really yummy ice rolls. They have a separate counter at the entrance named,

“ Frozen Factory”.

And almost every ice roll has a unique flavor to it.

Do check out this place when you’re off for a road trip or are one from the neighborhood for some kickass & lip smacking dishes.

Food – 5/5
Ambiance – 4.5/5
Service – 4/5
Overall Experience – 5/5

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