The Perfect Place for all your needs : Less Than Perfect

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What if I told you that there’s heaven out there waiting for you to unfold it’s secrets ?
What if I told you that the sun would bow down to you today?
What if I told you that these are just mere words but the beauty lies in exploring those imperfections?

Well, what are we waiting for then?
Let’s get onto the topic for today’s discussion i.e. Less Than Perfect.
But does that mean that this place is actually less than perfect? Can it get a five star rating?


Read on…

Credits : Foodflab

Rooftops have always been my weakness and they will always be for there’s no better place to enjoy the outside weather than a rooftop cafe with such a perfect ambiance. With ambiance, it’s not only the decor I’m talking about, but also the soothing environment that this place has to offer – rest peacefully and satisfy that empty belly.


Credits : Foodflab

À la Carte!

What’s in the house for you ?

1. BBQ Chicken Parsley & Wedges : Can you the recall the famous Chinese dish, the ‘Drums of Heaven’? Well, this particular dish would remind you of the Drums of Heaven that you had at a Chinese restaurant(or wherever). The sweetness and the tanginess of the Schezwan sauce is what all I can say to please your taste buds.


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2. Chicken Shawarma Roll : What I usually expect from a place serving Shawarma Roll is that it should be soft and that the mayo served with the roll goes hand in hand. What LTP has to offer is something you won’t find generally in those places serving Shawarma Rolls. Filled with some veggies and some finely chopped pieces of chicken, the taste of this roll doesn’t seem to come out beautifully on the plate.

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3. Pesto Chicken Pizza : For the love of Pesto, this dish is a must to be laid out on the table. The thin crust of the pizza and the soft cheesy layer on top is something that just can’t be put into words for you’ll be busy eating it.

4. Penne Chicken Makhani : As the name suggests, this particular pasta has the flavor of both – Butter Chicken & Dal Makhani. It’s the actually the essence of butter that makes this dish taste so good & ripe.

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5. Veg Quesadillas : These cheesy tortillas served with salsa sauce are just what one needs to have whether he/she is a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian like me. I must say, ” I’m in love with the filling of you! :D”

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Sip, Lick & Drink!

1. Peanut Butter Shake & Ferrero Rocher Shake : These are just two names that I’m listing out of the six shakes that this place has to offer. I’d say, “Order a shake which is not on their menu.” Confused? Well, such is the quality of the thick shakes at LTP which have already topped our list when it comes to the taste & the presentation.

Credits : Foodflab

Credits : Foodflab

2. Passion for Passion & Ginger Brew : It becomes difficult to choose a particular drink from their menu since each and every drink that they serve here is the apple of my eye. An amazing range of refreshing drinks to shoo away the scorching heat of this summer.

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Sweetness Overloaded!

•Brownie with Chocolate Sauce : We could get our hands only on this particular dessert and I must say, that I haven’t had this kind of Brownie in a lifetime.
Why so?
Well, one doesn’t expect such delectable Brownies from cafes/restaurants. However, a slight mistake was made by the chef before serving this dessert. If you heat the brownie beyond a particular temperature, it tends to harden and that’s what happened here. It got hardened at the edges which slightly ruined the flavor of this dessert.

Credits : Foodflab

Looking out for a budget place for your sweetheart?
LTP has got you covered.

Our Recommendation : Head out for this place on a pleasant evening and enjoy the weather at their rooftop.

P.S. They’re giving 1+1 offer on drinks and sheeshas. So, hurry & make the most out of it.

Food – 4.5/5
Drinks – 5/5
Ambiance – 5/5
Service – 4.5/5
Overall experience – 4.5/5

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