Revival of Memories @Prankster, Sec 29

Balcony at Prankster

Credits : Foodflab

The game changer in the era of hospitality is Prankster, located in Sec 29, Gurugram. This place is a delight for all the gourmets out there & is filled with nostalgia. That’s right! It takes you back to those golden days of college when you would go hunting for some food in the canteen, spend time either in the amphitheatre or library reading the books and obviously, the place you always liked to stay away from, the classroom.

Prankster ambiance

Credits : Foodflab

Prankster ambiance

Credits : Foodflab

It’s been a while that people have been talking much about this place. Prankster recently gave birth to a few dishes and we thought of checking them out.

The list goes endless. So, we saved only the best ones for you.

1. Sambhar Cappuccino

The tiny glass you see lying on the plate consists of small pieces of papad (similar to the exterior sides of a dosa) which are made via a dehydrator. Prankster thought of replacing the usual coffee cup with a cup of Sambhar instead and this sambhar is something which you don’t get to try usually. Take a bite of the papad and sip some hot Sambhar from the cup and get indulged into this beauty.

Sambhar Cappuccino at Prankster

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2. TT Lamb Chops (Highly recommended)

Enjoy the tasty glory that lies in these tender lamb chops. It’s actually the best lamb chops we ever had.

TT Lamb Chops at Prankster

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3. Spicy Paneer Tikka Fatir (Egyptian Pizza)

This pizza is something extraordinary. The thin crust is so soft that it starts shattering into tiny flakes as you pull a slice out of it. Some evenly spread pieces of paneer, onions, capsicum, yellow & red bell pepper make their way out beautifully into the competition.

Spicy Paneer Tikka Fatir at Prankster

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4. Pav Bhaji Zinger

Prankster keeps coming with some little new surprises for their customers. And this one comes hiding underneath those rubix cubes. Tiny vada pao sprinkled with chilli garlic sauce is what the secret is about.

Chef Harangad has put forth so much in abundance that the art of cooking looks like a heaven in itself.

To grace any kind of occasion, there should be something sweet to spread the happiness.

1. Pineapple Pastry

This is not an ordinary Pineapple Pastry. It dates back to those days when one could easily get good quality products(free of chemicals). Team Prankster tested 5-6 different qualities of milk and chose this nostalgic offer for their customers.

Pineapple Pastry at Prankster

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2. Pranked Rose Kheer

With the essence of Almond flakes, Pista Shavings and finally the Kiss of Rose (the rose petals are passed via nitrogen and they fall off easily as you sway it), the best offer is here.

Pranked Rose Kheer at Prankster

Credits : Foodflab

Kudos to the hospitality team of Prankster, especially Chef Harangad Singh for creating such masterpieces.

Food – 5/5

Desserts – 5/5

Ambiance – 5/5

Service – 4.5/5

Overall experience – 5/5

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