Dine at One of the Finest Breweries this Weekend @My Bar Headquarters by Dockyard

My Bar Headquarters by Dockyard

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Wondering if your ships are safe in the Dockyard?

Don’t worry for they are being bathed with some authentic liquor and being served the utmost of all dishes that they can easily fit in.
My Bar Headquarters by Dockyard located in Sector 29, Gurgaon doesn’t need a reason for you to stick around for all they know that you’ll be enthralled with what they have to serve.

Dockyard Cafe Ambiance

Credits : Foodflab

Remember the Heisenberg from the famous TV Series Breaking Bad? Well, the interiors of this place profoundly speak of him. With those gigantic drums seeming to contain some liquor inside them, you might want to ponder over what’s been happening around in the vicinity.

Dockyard Cafe Ambiance

Credits : Foodflab

You could just save your little investigation for later and wait for them to bring you something auspicious from their brewery :

1. Sharabi Nariyal : As the name suggests, Sharabi Nariyal is a drink which is made inside a raw coconut (the one which you use to sip some coconut water from). For a coconut water lover, this drink might seem captivating for it has that little flavor of the coconut inside it and ofcourse, some alcohol with watermelon & mint which provide a refreshing taste to this drink.

Sharabi Nariyal Cocktail at Dockyard Cafe

Credits : Foodflab

2. Paan Bahaar : This drink actually speaks of the desi flavor of Paan and could be worked upon a bit(the flavor of Paan or the betel leaves could be lessened up to provide it a refreshing taste instead).

For sober people, we do have the famous and very common drink, Virgin Mojito. Seems like I didn’t have a good refreshing drink in a lifetime. That’s what this drink is all about. Apparently, one of the best glass of Virgin Mojito that I’ve ever had.


Aye Captain! It’s time to begin our journey towards the narrow sea which passes through the foodie forest.
Hop in and grab some cutlery because we’re on an empty stomach today.

The Foodie Forest Menu :

1. Lager Batter Chilli Garlic Fish – One of the best dishes we could discover in the forest is the Lager Batter Chilli Garlic Fish. The perfect crispness, softness and the ripeness makes this particular dish stand outnumbered.
2. Cottage Cheese Satay – Being served with a few slices of pineapple, a vegan wouldn’t want to miss this particular dish here. The soft cottage cheese easily melts in your mouth and the pineapples been tossed with the cottage cheese, provide the dish a tangy and a juicy flavor.

What needs to be worked upon?

Wasabi Prawns – Whenever something is cooked in mustard oil, it’s usually the essence of mustard oil that makes the dish taste good. What ruined this particular dish is the same mustard oil that was used to cook it. With a strong odor of mustard oil, you’ll not feel like having a taste of it. In short, this particular dish smells like mustard and tastes like mustard which really needs to be worked upon(keeping in mind, the fact that I mentioned a while ago).

SUGAR RUSH : Desserts All Over

1. Crispy Fried Ice Cream – You might have had some fried paneer Pakodas or aloo bondas or something. But have you ever tried an Ice Cream Pakoda ? Or do you think there can exist something called Fried Ice Cream? Well, not taking much of your time, let’s get onto our topic for today i.e. The Crispy Fried Ice Cream. This dessert is initially a breaded scoop of ice cream(ice cream surrounded by a layer of bread) which is deep fried very quickly giving the outer breaded layer a crispy and a warm texture. And finally, you can have a sweet crispy ice cream pakoda decorated with some hot chocolate sauce.
2. Schezwan Pepper Tiramisu – My never ending love for Tiramisu just seems to get better and better. Talking about the Tiramisu served here, it’s actually one of the finest desserts to suffice your meal with. The sweet creamy cheese is what Tiramisu is all about.

Schezwan Pepper Tiramisu

Food – 4/5
Drinks – 4/5
Desserts – 5/5
Ambiance – 5/5
Service – 4.5/5
Overall experience – 4/5


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