The Simplicity of Comfort Food

Sunday mornings, a beautiful sunset, a fresh breeze, the scent of blossoms in spring, how do these make you feel? Blessed, content, nostalgic, peaceful – that’s how comfort food makes me feel. When I’m at my lowest or just going through one of those lazy days, some good food makes it all better. Comfort food is the blanket that provides you warmth on a cold winter night, it gives you a sense of security and calms you down. Whether you’re missing your mom’s cooking or just had a fight with your better half, some comfort food is all you need to pick you right up.
Certain comfort foods have been scientifically proven to release the happiness hormones i.e. endorphins and serotonin in our body. They have been known to alleviate our mood and act as a stress buster. But, they have recently and, if we may say so, wrongly garnered an infamous reputation for being extremely unhealthy. Even though comfort foods are high in calories and carbohydrates, if eaten moderately, they can be quite wholesome and beneficial to our health, especially for those suffering from mood disorders. Eating comfort food helps with depression and can be used as a catalyst to reduce bouts of depression.

comfort-food-toa-heftiba Comfort foods not only nourish our body but also our souls. For many, comfort food reminds them of their childhood, a long lost, carefree and joyful time. These foods are associated with a sentimental value and hence deliver a nostalgic experience. Growing up on a hill station, comfort food for me means fresh vegetable soup during the evening, my mother’s chicken stew followed by gajar ka halwa. The warm, fuzzy feeling inside your stomach juxtaposed with the cold wind blowing outside makes you savour every bite you take.

Well, that’s our take on comfort food. Tell us about your guilty pleasures in the comments section below.


2 thoughts on “The Simplicity of Comfort Food

  1. Paula Wesson, RDN

    My dad’s mac & cheese is probably my top comfort food. No one makes mac & cheese like him. I’ve tried. First, I had a hard time finding the same cheese after I moved. Once I found it, though, I still couldn’t get the recipe just right, you know? Maybe it’s something about the love put into it…

    1. Shivam Mendiratta

      Wow! I too love Mac & Cheese. As winters are approaching, we guys will be putting on weight eating more & more fried stuffs & that’s what comforting for us during this season.

      And yes, I do agree with the fact that the love our parents put into the food while making it.

      Well, Thanks for your valuable input. 🙂

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