Get lit this Weekend at Storm Version 2.0, East of Kailash

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A moment is all it takes to put a smile on someone’s face. And a minute walk is all it takes to devour the beauty down the road waiting for you to set afoot and walk in for a scrumptious meal.

Storm Version 2.0 located in East of Kailash is the medicine one needs to shoo away those rats in his/her stomach.

To begin with, here are a few delectable dishes to check out :

    1. Maggi Arancini – These maggi filled balls are something one can surely have it on their wishlist when visiting this place. It’s something good within the first bite but the taste doesn’t stir up well on the taste buds for long. The chef could maybe add a bit more flavors to this particular dish to make it more enticing.

    1. Butter Chicken Tart (Highly Recommended) – THE NEED OF THE HOUR! As the name suggests, it’s a gooey tart layered with cheese on top of it and filled with chicken. There’s something heavenly about this particular dish. And that’s why, this dish topped our list.

Credits : Foodflab

    1. Kurkure Dahi ke Kebabs – The love for Dahi ke Kebabs just got better. The tenderness & the little sweet twist – all in all, a perfect option for the vegetarians.

Credits : Foodflab

  1. Udta Punjab – As the place was lit, so was this particular dish. Hanging on the gigantic skewer, the chicken is put onto fire by pouring a glass of vodka and igniting it. The crispy & the tangy flavor of chicken is what one can definitely not resist.

Credits : Foodflab

Main Course couldn’t be any better with Storm’s special dishes on board.

Southern Style Paneer Korma & Dal Storm Version 2.0 have a lot to offer with the bouquet of flavors (creamy & buttery).

Slurp & Burp : The Drinks Section

  1. Mango Mirchi – A spiced mango drink to f**k your throat to the core. The essence of green chilli plays with the nostrils for the mean while. Do try it when you’re on a good throat as the taste is really good.
  2. Credits : Foodflab

  3. Maggi Margarita – This particular cocktail really needs to be worked upon. The essence of maggi masala & a not so distinctive taste makes this drink below average.
  4. Credits : Foodflab

  5. Banarsi Paan – A refreshing drink with true flavors of Paan in it. Have a sip and make it worth your while.
  6. Credits : Foodflab

  7. Whiskey Sour – For all the cocktail lovers out there, Whiskey Sour is the best option. It has a subtle sweet & sour taste.

The Sweet Secret : Desserts Section

  1. Storm Fried Ice Cream – Having been familiar to this unique dessert, the one served here didn’t quite please us. It seemed that the breaded layer had soaked too much oil that almost ruined the taste of this dessert.
  2. Credits : Foodflab

  3. Gulab Jamun Cheese Cake (Highly Recommended) – Disappointed with the fried ice cream, as soon as this dessert was laid out on our table, a clattering of spoons and knives could be heard from all the tables.  A sweet cheesy combination ready to surprise everyone with its fascinating aroma and luscious taste.

Credits : Foodflab

Food – 5/5

Drinks – 4.5/5

Desserts – 4.5/5

Ambiance – 5/5

Service – 4.5/5

Overall Experience – 5/5

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