Table manners and basic dining etiquettes: Things you need to know!


Dining out has become a casual way of connecting to the people around us. We tend to meet our old friends, prospective dates or friends over a meal or snacks. But that does not make us liberal to table etiquettes.

Let me tell you the story of my last date!

Having seated in a lounge across my date, we started talking and ordered the food. And as our conversations grew better, the food was served. To my biggest embarrassment, the guy did not stop talking while putting food into his mouth. Not only was I unable to interpret what he was saying, but the sight was pretty sad too.

Least to mention it was a serious turn off! I had to sum up the date as early as possible.

Be it a professional or a personal set-up, basic dining etiquettes have since been of utter importance to me. Here is me, sharing some dining etiquettes for the next time you go out for a dinner!

Getting Started!

Always wait for the other person to be seated. Check if there are any sitting preferences or name tags placed. Do not start eating before everyone is served. It is always good to wait for a while until everyone is ready to eat!

The rule for napkins!

Napkins are to be placed on the lap to save your clothes from food spill. Do it the moment you get seated and the host signals to begin. If you happen to get up between meals place the napkin on your seat and go. Finally, when you are finished eating keep the napkin on the left side of your plate! Remember to do so only when everyone else is finished too!

How to hold the Silverware?

Don’t know how to handle spoons or forks? There is a simple rule to do it: Start with the cutlery that is farthest from the plate and slowly work your way to the center. So, it is a soup spoon on the farthest right and the dessert spoon on the center-right.

Note: Always hold fork on the left and knife on the right. Use a spoon for the liquids.

Handling food and eating right!

Table manners are practised to save people to hover over food like animals. And therefore, following some basic rules are important. Here are some basic ones to follow!

  • Start eating only when everyone on the table is served.
  • Do not speak with your mouth full of food. If there needs to be talking, eat small bites or wait to swallow the food before answering.
  • Always taste the food before adding any condiments like salt, pepper, seasonings, ketchup etc.
  • Do not cut your food entirely when eating. Always cut only 2-3 pieces at a go and keep progressing slowly.
  • Don’t blow on your soup or food. Wait for them to cool down and then eat.
  • If the food requires to be eaten with fingers, follow your host!
  • Keep your elbows off the table when eating.
  • Make sure you eat at the right pace. Don’t make others wait for you.
  • Do not make sounds while eating. Burping, slurping, chewing with an open mouth is downright gross!
  • Finally, end up by arranging the cutlery like the number “11” on your plate.

Ending note!

Always end by folding your napkin and placing it at the side of your plate. Wash your hands if need be, and then stay with your hosts for a post-dinner conversation.

Thank your hosts for arranging the dinner and offer to clean up as well. Do end your dinner on a happy note by thanking them for the invite and extending warm regards.

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