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“It doesn’t matter how long you live but the quality you add to your life.”

Allison Maslan on Impact Theory talks about how Homeopathy and Holistic Wellness changed her life.

“Homeopathy has been here for more than 200 years. Western medicine came into effect much later. Holistic wellness deals with the whole mind, body, and soul and aims to deal with the problem to the core”, she says. But that’s not it!

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Let’s not ‘Bury the lede’ here and come straight to the topic. Well, I’ve been following a healthy diet lately. But whenever I eat out, I make sure that I judge the dish on two factors:

  1. Actual taste
  2. After taste

The after taste actually gives me a glimpse of all the ingredients used in that particular dish.

“What kind of cooking oil have they used in it? What kind of spices go into the making of that particular dish?”

Given that we all talk about short term gains (pleasing our taste buds), we basically forget as to what all impact it has on our health in the long run. A majority of my friends (who are in their 20s) have fallen prey into consuming Caffeine and try to work day and night due to the workload that they have. And now they’re either busy taking medications or are ruining themselves by disturbing their sleep cycle.

The question arises, “How do we deal with all the stress that we’re surrounded with? Or for that matter, how should we manage our daily routine and yet take care of our body as well?”

I got a chance to meet one of the reputed nutritionists, Ms. Manisha Arora, at her Wellness Centre, TAF (Reverse Your Fat), last week. She’s working with a team of highly skilled professionals and has been able to curate an environment which not only benefits others in the long run but also makes them aware of their wrongdoings.

Manisha Arora TAF Wellness
Ms. Manisha Arora answering to one of the girls who’s going for her first session

 “Due to the sudden rise in pollution levels and other environmental changes, it has become difficult for everyone to take care of their health properly. A woman’s body goes through multiple changes every month. And if I talk about the women in our Indian society, they’re confined within those four walls doing all the household chores, looking after their children, etc. If we take the working women into consideration, it becomes even more difficult for them. So what we’ve been trying to achieve here is – create an environment which makes everyone feel like home and that there isn’t any kind of hustling involved. With hustling, I mean to say that all the therapies and the sessions that the person has to go through (in order to regain their original shape), it shouldn’t make them feel hesitated or afraid that they’ll be undergoing some kind of surgery or something. The therapies that we work upon here are totally painless and the results can be seen either instantly or after a few sessions”, she says.

She’s working on a set of therapies which involve the use of various instruments (which don’t have any side effects) and work by understanding your body to the fullest.

RFT or Reverse Fat Therapy is one such therapy which deals with breaking down the fat cells of your body and penetrating them which ultimately makes you lose fat. Depending upon what’s best for your body, she’ll suggest what particular therapy you should go for and how you’ll be benefited from it.

After having a conversation with Ms. Manisha, all the girls went in for different sessions. On asking Ms. Manisha which one I should go for, she simply said, “You look completely in shape to me. (*blushes*) I don’t think you need any of the sessions. Even if you want to go for any, just let me know and we’ll schedule one for you.”

Rejuvenate Therapy TAF Wellness
Rejuvenate Therapy

I had some questions running in my mind (related to diet and stuff) and so, I got into a conversation with their dietitian Ms. Ritu.

Me: I’ve seen people following these fancy diets lately. Paleo diet, Ketogenic diet and what not. Do they actually help you? And why are people fancying these kinds of diets so much?

Ms. Ritu: Good question! A lot of youngsters who come here have been asked to follow some particular diet based on what their gym trainer told them to follow. What they fail to understand is that what might be good for someone might not actually prove out to be good for the other as well. One of my friends was put on a certain diet by his trainer. He was taking 2 scoops of Whey Protein Isolate and Concentrate prior to his workout. He had this problem of Acid Reflux but it wasn’t easy for us to figure out as to what might be the cause of this problem. He had this habit of eating Subs and using all those sauces into everything that he ate. So what we figured out was that those sauces were actually triggering the acid content produced in his stomach.

A guy came to me asking about the Atkin diet that he had read about on the Internet. So what I told him is that whenever you read about any such diet on the Internet, do read about its history as well. It might have been tested on a person whose body might be different from you. You need to take into account as to what all health issues you have, what all do you eat, etc.

Detox Tea TAF Wellness
Detox Tea

The conversation ended with a healthy meal which consisted of Quinoa Cutlets, Bhelpuri, Ragi Cookies, and a Detox tea. The detox tea had a strong essence of Carom seed and a beautiful undertone of Cumin seed.  

I guess I’m soon going in for a session at TAF. Not because I want to lose fat or something but for the delicious healthy snacks that they offer.

What about you guys though? Do you have any questions running in your mind and want them to be answered?

Feel free to reach out to Ms. Manisha at her Wellness Centre, TAF.

Address: Sheesham Courtyard, 28 Saidulajab, Mehrauli – Badarpur Rd, Saket, New Delhi – 110030

Contact: (+91) 9958977795

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