The Good Bowl – Does it actually taste good?

The Good, The Better, The Best!

But which is the appropriate category for this particular outlet? I mean does ‘The Good Bowl’ really deliver some Good Bowls or not?

Well, let’s just get onto this conversation and discuss what all I witnessed inside those GOOD looking bowls.

I’m actually a big fan of Faasos due to their amazing delivery and hassle-free service. They never disappoint when it comes to delivering hot & scrumptious food at your doorstep.

I ordered the Butter Chicken Rice Bowl and the Paneer Steak Mac n Cheese.

Talking about the Butter Chicken Rice Bowl –

Oh man! Now that’s what I call an amazing rice bowl! It really gets difficult to find some good Biryani these days, especially when you have tasted the magical Hyderabadi Biryani from the city itself!

Well, to my amazement, the Butter Chicken Rice Bowl got my taste buds covered to the fullest.

The richness of spices, be it the flavor of bayleaf, cinnamon, grounded spices, the lush veggies or the spicy butter curry – it is a total burst of flavors in your mouth.

And talking about the captain of this spicy ship, the Rice – they were cooked to perfection. You can easily seer the fine grains of Rice and feel the essence of it.

My personal verdict of every dish is dependent upon its after effect. That’s where the true flavor of the dish lies.

Did they use some good oil to cook that dish? Did they use good quality of rice, veggies, and chicken? In this case – Yes! They actually did.

Enough of sprinkling joy over the Rice Bowl! Let’s get to the Mac n Cheese now.

Paneer Steak Mac n Cheeseso they call it! Whatever man!


This reminds me of Shakespeare.

Shakespeare said,

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet.”

But is a name really worth the hype?

Perhaps, No! What would you find in a typical Mac n cheese? Some macaroni and cheese, right?

But Alas!

I devoured the whole bowl scrounging for some cheese but couldn’t find any. I mean Mac n Cheese without Cheese, like seriously? Are we really having this conversation? Well, ok! You forgot to put cheese in there but you could sort it out by adding some creamy texture and flavor to it, right? Nah! Totally bland!

To be honest here – I actually fixed this particular dish the very next day by cooking some white sauce and making it look like a dish which is worth eating.

So, yes! If I were to suggest something, I’d say, “You guys in the kitchen! You’re really doing a good job. But you really need to get going with Mac n Cheese. Fix it ASAP if you’re gonna follow the same recipe in the future as well.”

If you guys wanna order a rice bowl from the ‘The Good Bowl’, you can place an order via Zomato or Faasos.

Well, this suffices our meal for the day. But what about you guys? Did you have a good rice bowl recently?

Let us know in the comments below.

Overall rating – 4/5

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