What to eat before and after a workout?


The most common dilemma of a health-conscious person is “What to eat before and after a workout?”
While the answer largely depends on the aim you are working out for, it remains unaddressed by almost all of us.
We all do understand that the path to a healthy and fulfilling life is exercising. But we fail to understand that eating right all time especially before and after a workout is crucial to maintaining good health.
While eating right before the workout gives the body the energy to work-out and really fuels the body; the food that you eat after a workout helps the body to recover from all the exertion and build up strong muscles.
So when you are ready with your sports shoes, Gym bag and a bottle of water – look back and check if you have fueled your body right!

What to eat before a workout?


Not having proper food before a workout has its own set of disadvantages. It keeps you feeling dizzy, unenergetic, lethargic and also brings down your performance level considerably. Skipping food before a workout does not aid in weight loss – it brings Energy Loss!
While it may seem like a task already to get up at 6:00 a.m. and start with a workout – sneaking on food that early in the morning feels like too much effort! But the truth is – it’s NOT OK to workout on an empty stomach!
If you fall short on what to eat before a workout – here are some A-list energy food items to grab early morning before hitting the Gym!

• Granola Bars
• A bowl of fruits
• Oatmeal
• Greek Yogurt
• Dry fruits
• Milk and nuts
• Hardboiled eggs

What to eat after a workout?


Eating after a workout is as necessary as before. You are sure to feel hungry after a great workout session. And eating healthy at this point gives your body the necessary healing. Food after workout restores the glycogen level and gives the muscles a good recovery.
So while you feel tired and drowsy after a workout – the right food helps you get that energy back and keep your day on track!
Remember that eating fried food at this time will bring more harm than good. Here are some complex carbohydrates and protein loaded food to help your body recover from workout exertion.
• Brown rice
• Tofu
• Bread
• Nuts
• Bowl of vegetables
• Fish
• Quinoa

Water is important!


Pre-workout, post-workout or during the exercise process it is important to hydrate your body at all times. Our body keeps on losing fluid all the time. And during a workout session, the constant sweating and exertion on the muscles make the body lose out on hydration. Keeping a water bottle handy to keep sipping routinely helps keep the hydration levels on check.
Some people are conscious of drinking water right after a workout but it really depends on the body needs than the myths mustered on. Let your body calm down from the exertion and drink at least 500ml of water to restore the body hydration.

Remember: It’s all about you!

Everybody is different and is designed with specific needs. The workouts you indulge in change the nutritional demands of the body. It is important to calculate your workout aims, workout strength and choose the right food to eat before and after the workout which shall shape your body. Maintain a proper diet and give your body the health boost to lead a healthy life.
How about a bowl of fruits before a running session today?


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